Cranial Core Distortion Components

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The core distortion or skeletal starts as early as six weeks after birth. It is responsible for 95+

percent of all musculoskeletal problems we encounter in our lives. If you want to see it at its

worst, go to a nursing home.


Below are listed the components of the

core distortion. The drawing has been

somewhat exaggerated to point out

how the collapse takes place. Add to

that the torque of the fascia around

the muscles and dura mater and it is

easy to see why we hurt.


Structural Energetic Therapy (SET)

eliminates this collapse re-sculpturing

the skeletal structure by working with

the muscles. SET is not pain management;

it is pain elimination. Why would you want to manage

                                                                  pain when you can erase it?




Left illium (hip) is rotated forward (1.)

      and in toward the centerline (2.).

Right ilium (hip) is rotated back (4.)

     and flared out (3.).

Sacrum is rotated and tipped right (5.).

Left ASIS more medial and inferior

           than the right side.

Left knee is hyper/hypo extended,

            medially rotated.

Left foot is laterally rotated.

Left shoulder is raised.

Right shoulder is down and

             rotated medially.

Head tilted (6.).






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(These findings are synonymous with Homewood - 1983)

This drawing was created and drawn by Charles Garvey

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